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About Sonic Undermind

Sonic Undermind are what one promoter described as a "high-octane new millennium rock band". The press have called them "truly unique" and "brimming with intense nervous energy". They have been gigging together for a year but are already steadily making their way to the top of the bill in London venues like The King's Head, The Archway and The Catapult Club. The band have a loyal fan base in Berkshire and play to packed houses in their home town of Reading.

"People at the front began to cheer support before, during and after the songs, recognising Pete as a new rock icon with kowtowing and "we're not worthy"-ing" Unsigned Showcase Magazine

The Sonic Undermind sound is unique but some have tried to describe it as a cross between The Darkness and The Streets whereas others have described it as a cross between Joy Division and Nirvana. Their songs are based on the tight funky groove of the rhythm section set against their blistering heavy guitars. On top of that is the enigmatic (and sometimes downright odd) Pete Hefferan on vocals.

"Frontman Pete gave a stimulating otherworldly performance...I'd scribbled down 'they've created a monster'" Linda Serck - BBC Berkshire

Sonic Undermind have already been played on TotalRock (worldwide digital radio) Varldstad (Swedish radio), Josaka (worldwide internet radio), Blast FM (Reading radio), TUNZ (worldwide digital radio) and on hundreds of CD and MP3 players in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the US. They have also been featured on the Josaka Who? CD

"This is a great introduction to the innovative and original sound that these guys have made for themselves, you won’t be mistaking this band for anyone else." Josaka

"Musical ability coupled with some quirky, memorable tunes is usually a successful combination for bands - so Sonic Undermind should have a bright future, all things being equal." Unsigned Showcase Magazine

The band is made up of Pete Hefferan on vocals, Nikhil Hardy and Mike Hefferan on guitars, Sam Cops on bass and Rob Bloomfield on drums. The average age of the band is 24. They want to take their career to the next level.

"F*cking Daddys of the Month"