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Chimpcopter is song written as tribute to the first book from the holy chimpcopter scriptures. Many thousands of years ago 4 mystical apes created what they thought would be the strongest and most intelligent beings on the planet. Deep within secret laboratories in the jungle they genetically fused chimpanzees and helicopters together, with scant regard for the consequences. No one really knows how the Mystic 4 lost control of the chimpcopters but within 100 years they had colonised the planet and were raging war with all other cy-beasts they could find. Chimpcopter tells of possible the most epic of these battles the 100 year wars against the fearsome Rhinotanks.

Painless (new version)
There are two sides to every story. The Rhinotanks appeared as merciless scavengers to the Chimpcopters but their own cultural history has a different slant on things. In their scriptures it tells how they were forced to migrate from their homeland in search of food and how they were cruely set upon by Chimpcopters who feared their coming. No-one knows who created the Rhinotanks or even why were they created? All that we can infer from the ancient scriptures is that after 100 years of war and when all looked lost for the Rhinotanks, there was one who went by the name of "Model One-Seven-Eight Synthesised (MOSES)". He managed to capture what little fire remained in the Rhinotanks combustion chambers, and lead them to freedom. The Rhinotanks promised they'd never forget the lessons they'd learnt in the hundred years war and the songs and stories from that time are still sung and read today. Painless is a song, sung from the heart. Actually in this case it's actually sung from the combustion engine, the place in a Rhinotank that most closely resembles a heart. It's the story of how love got one Rhino through some of the most difficult times in the war.

Zombie Wedding
Zombie Wedding takes a look at the human side of the 100 years war. No-one's sure if it was the four Mystic Primates who created the plague that turned humans into Zombie servants for the Chimpcopters. Perhaps it was whoever created the Rhinotanks or even someone else. Over the years the Zombified humans have become invaluable to the Chimp way of life. They do the menial tasks that it's difficult to do as a half-Chimp half-Copter, like hoovering the stairs and logging on to the Tuskos interweb node to order more bananas and lemon fresh washing up liquid. This song is a traditional song sung during the final stages of the much maligned Zombie's marriage ritual.

Hundred Years
The defeat of the lizard masters and the friendly reunion betwixt rhinotanks and the chimpcopters after the hundred year war prompted a mighty festival celebration. Sonic Undermind were honoured to be asked by the governing chimp council to play. Using guitars as their medium they set about recreating the events of the hundred years past. The pounding drums become the cannons of the lizard lords, the rumbling bass become the advancing rhinotanks, the screeches of the guitars become the screaming of the dead and the shouts are the protest song of millions on either side.

Lamb Hungry Dog Child (Confessions of a Pig Boy)
Making a Chimpcopter may be every day science these days, but way back in pre-history it was a hit and miss affair. Many animals were fused with machines and some animals were fused with animals. One fateful day a sheep was fused with a dog, a boy and a pig. The resulting creature was so hideous to look at it made some of the smaller chimps cry but it was discovoured that the Lambhungrydogchildren had perfect pitch and an amazing sense of rhythm. Rather than letting the new experimental breed die out like the others, the governing apes decided to put them in control of music production for KCHIMP 1385 AM, the local radio station. The song was a massive hit.

Chimpcopter Competition

Win a copy of Chimpcopter!

You've read the story of each song on the Chimpcopter EP, now it's your chance to win a copy. All you need to do is work out a way that another Sonic Undermind song can fit into the Chimpcopter universe and write the explanation. The best one will win a copy of the EP and we'll post all our favourite contributions on the site.

You can write your explanation about any sonic undermind song not featured on the EP for example:

Helix, Rock Hat, Carpet Burns, Rock Cliche, Mystic 4, Magic Helmet or Mighty Ogun
Lyrics are available for some of the songs through the downloads page.

Send your entries to by the 1st June 2004 or register on our messageboard and post them in this thread.