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Josaka, Reading University Student Union, 31/05/2004
'Rock Hat' is giving me Rock & Roll that I can grab with both hands, music that I can get excited about, so full of irony, energy, and a knowing, self confident swagger.

BBC Berkshire, Newbury Fringe Festival, 30/05/2004
"a day of impressive live performances, ranging from the eccentric jazz poet AF Harrold and the spooky nightmarish rock of Sonic Undermind"

Review from Decode Magazine issue 12

Josaka Who? CD Launch and 5th Birthday, 27/02/2004
" It was a great performance from the band, led by painfully thin contortionist Pete, and driven by Rob Bloomfield's artillery-like percussion, the crowd roared them after every song and at least half of them felt like they genuinely were not worthy."

BBC Berkshire 18/02/2004
"The gig and the CD promise to showcase some of the greatest talent in the area at the moment. The party will feature live music from Big Wednesday, My Luminaries, Sonic Undermind and :heckler - four of the most established and respected unsigned bands in the county."

Reading Chronicle 19/02/2004

Reading rockers who contrast raawk style guitar workouts with Streets-style, geezerish vocals that manage to make lyrics like "take out your pen and I'll protract it, make a comment and I'll retract it" sound perfectly reasonable. For better or worse, a band that actually earns the tag "unique". Paul Kirkly, Chronicle 19/02/2004

Josaka, Bar Oz, Reading 15/01/2004, Pop Toys, 21 South Street, Reading - 08/11/2003
"to me they sounded a lot more like "Minor Threat meets Killing Joke", which is a far more enticing proposition."
"if ever I've seen a born frontman, it's him. The boy's possessed. Lurching around the stage, dancing to a tune probably only shared with the demons in his head, thrashing at the air or just spasming in some kind of rock rictus, he's rivetting viewing."

BBC Berkshire, Unsigned Showcase @ Bar Oz, Reading - 25/9/2003

Demo review from Josaka
"This is a great introduction to the innovative and original sound that these guys have made for themselves, you won’t be mistaking this band for anyone else."

BBC Berkshire, Unsigned Showcase @ the Litten Tree, Reading - 01/7/2003
"Last up were Sonic Undermind, a popular Reading band that are circuit pros - and it showed."
"Frontman Pete gave a stimulating otherworldly performance"
"I'd scribbled down 'they've created a monster'"

BBC Berkshire, Unsigned Showcase at the Fez Club 28/04/03

Reading Evening Post, Bar Oz preview 19/02/03