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News Archive - February 2003

Rockumentary Stills

posted by Mike on 28th February 2003

Well the bad news is that we still haven't managed to get streaming video of our rockumentary on-line. The good news is that I've managed to get a few stills from the video and put together a page on which you can view them. See the new video page.

Back to basics

posted by Mike on 28th February 2003

Wow, we're getting through a band biography a day at the moment! You lucky, lucky fans. Check out Sam's page now.

Beats interactive

posted by Mike on 27th February 2003

As promised the next band member page is up. I've put Rob's page in The Band section of the site. Apparently he has a duck caller. What I want to know is why I wasn't informed of this earlier!

Rob and I also saw an amazing band called Mohair last night. They're signed and touring, check them out if you get the chance.

Website update

posted by Mike on 26th February 2003

Hello again Underminders. I wanted to speed the site up a little bit and add some extra pages, so I decided to get rid of the graphical navigator down the side. Please let me know if you spot anything which isn't working.

I have also just added the first of the individual band member biographies in The Band. It's mine! See it here.

In the next couple of days I hope to get the flyer for our most excellent gig at the King's Head in Fulham on the site as well as more information about price, times etc.

Hill Street Booze

posted by Mike on 24th February 2003

What a great night we had in London on Saturday night, thanks to everyone who came down and to the other bands and especially to Jack who drove the van. We are all pretty tired and sore now, can't wait until next time! It's not too long though. Only 3 weeks until we're back in London at the King's Head in Fulham. Information about flyers for that and pictures from Forest Hill will be up on the site soon.

Rob has also now got his new 16 track, he's got some amazing results out of it already and we're going to be doing some recording as soon as we can fit it in around our busy gig schedule.

More gig news

posted by Mike on 17th February 2003

We have another gig confirmed, March 15th at the Kings Head in Fulham. The Kings Head is an excellent venue and easy to get to from Reading! So we hope a lot of you can make it down. It's even on a Saturday night! We should be rocking the place from 9:30pm, looking forward to it. More in gigs when we get more information about prices flyers etc.