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Sonic Undermind onstage at the king's head



posted by Mike on 25th June 2003

Great news! More gigs! We're at the Litten Tree in Reading on Tuesday where we'll be debuting our new song Painless, which is sounding really, really good in rehearsals. 4 to get in but the beer is cheap and it's open 'till late. Come along, get drunk, stand at the front and dance like Pete.

The new gigs are in London at the Archway Tavern on August 7th and back at Bar Oz on August 14th. More details when we get them!

Re-mixed and Re-mastered Tracks

posted by Rob on 19th June 2003

After a couple of weeks of fiddling with nobs and tweaking flangers, I've finally come up with the goods. The all new final mixes of Helix, Magic Helmet and Rock Hat are now on the download page for your aural pleasure.

We are really pleased with the quality of the recordings, and now that I have my home studio in place I'd like to offer my recording services to other local bands. Check out our tunes and if you like the production and are interested in a similar recording, give me a call on 07946 173 018 or e-mail me at the address above.

See you at the Litten Tree on the 1st July!

Update the website you lazy gits!

posted by Mike on 17th June 2003

Hi, sorry about the lack of updates. Been a bit quiet recently. The gig on the 20th July at Bar Oz has moved because all the Sunday gigs are on Thursdays now. See here for more details. I'll let you know when we have rearranged that. If you want tickets for the 1st July at the Litten tree then please get in touch, e-mail me at the address above.

On the recordings front Rob's got some new mastering software and mastered the new recordings again. They sound really good, I'm going to get the newer versions onto mp3 and put them up on the website instead of the ones that are there. We are still working out the cover art/track list etc. more information on where/when you can get your hands on a CD as we get it.

We're still looking into Sonic Undermind Merchandise as well if you want to make some suggestions/comments then let us know on the message board

Gig this Thursday!

posted by Mike on 2nd June 2003

We've been added to the bill for Thursday at Bar Oz after the band that was going to be playing cancelled. It's the first launch night of the new Thursday night Bar Oz gigs. It's a month today since our last gig and we can't wait to rock back on stage and let you hear our new stuff. More in gigs as always. See you there!

Download new songs now!!!

posted by Mike on 28th May 2003

As promised the new recordings are now available online. Go to downloads and get them right now! I think it will make you happy. Three songs available. Helix and Rock Hat which are both new songs we've never recorded before and the studio recording of Magic Helmet.

New recordings completed!

posted by Mike on 27th May 2003

Rob has just finished mixing the three songs we've recorded over the last couple of weeks. They are Rock Hat, Magic Helmet and a new song called Helix which those of you who were at the Catapult Club will have heard then. They are sounding great and I'm hoping that we can get something up for you to download and a new CD produced soon. More on this as we get it!

Why we've been quiet...

posted by Mike on 19th May 2003

I normally try and put updates on here every few days but I've been a bit slack lately. The main reason being that we haven't got any gigs for a while and we're using the time to record some new stuff. I'm hoping that we'll have some new tracks for you to listen to in a couple of weeks. It's all sounding great so far.

Litten Tree gig postponed

posted by Mike on 8th May 2003

Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long between updates we've been very busy with the Catapult Club gig and other things and then I got sick and haven't been updating the site. Unfortunately we've had to postpone the Litten Tree gig until July. Sorry about that. Hopefully we'll get a gig in the Reading area soon to make up for it.

The Catapult Club gig was awesome. Thanks to everyone who came down to see us and to everyone who didn't come to see us but danced away to us anyway! We had a bit of a nightmare getting there but in the end it was an awesome night! We've got loads on the go. Couple of reviews of the Catapult Club coming. A few gig offers we're just finalising so check back soon for more.

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