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Sonic Undermind onstage at Bar Oz


Another review of Who? and Pete and the Pirates news

posted by Mike on 23rd Feb 2004

Josaka has a highly amusing review of their CD. Also just to let you know that SU singer Pete has a gig on Thursday night with one of his other bands, Pete and the Pirates, at Bar Oz in Reading on Thursday night.

Josaka Who? CD and launch Party previews

posted by Mike on 19th Feb 2004

I've added links to the new stories in the press section

Hear us on the radio tonight!

posted by Rob on 12th Feb 2004

Just got a phonecall from someone at Tunz Radio. They saw us live and really liked us so they are playing three of our songs tonight. They are going to be contacting us about a possible interview we'll let you know more when we get it. Go to the website and tune in tonight!

Go West

posted by Mike on 12th Feb 2004

We finally managed to sort ourselves out a gig in Bristol. April 2nd at The Croft. It's a Decode Magazine Showcase. I have heard that the Jaegermeister cocktails are pretty special. See you West Country people there!

Speaking of Decode Magazine, They've Created a Monster is being reviewed in the March/April issue. More at their website

Josaka Who? CD track listing and other stories.

posted by Mike on 10th Feb 2004

The track listing for the Josaka CD has been released. Full details here. The launch event is at South Street Arts Centre, 21 South Street Reading on Friday 27 February and SU are playing, as mentioned previously. Tickets are 7 and includes a copy of the 17 track CD. The Box office number is 0118 960 6060.

Track Listing
Sweet Lies - The Unsuccessfuls, Blood - Workin Lunch With Lucky Goldstar, For The Seventh Day - :heckler, Smear - Mike Halliwell, Jenny's Ghost - Wire Jesus, Warm Heart - The UK Blues Project, American Psycho - Confuzion, She's Got A Little Bit - King Louie, Making Waves - OffTheRadar, A Man Without His Phone - My Luminaries, A Girl From The Industry - Three Litre, Ho Chi Minh - Guerrilla, Eddie - Logo, One, Two, Three - Yankee 99er, Helix - Sonic Undermind, Style - Rebus, Bright Blue Lightning - Big Wednesday

We are also writing and recording. Here's something to whet your appetite.

Sonic Undermind to play Josaka 5th Birthday and CD launch party

posted by Mike on 4th Feb 2004

You may remember we mentioned the Josaka local bands compilation a while ago. The CD is to be launched on 27th Feb at 21 South Street in Reading. The line-up for the launch party has been confirmed. :heckler, Sonic Undermind, My Luminaries and Big Wednesday. We're really pleased to have been chosen from the 17 bands on the compilation to play at the launch. Tickets will go on sale soon from the Hexagon and South Street Box Office 7.00 and include a copy of the 17 track CD, which includes Helix by Sonic Undermind. The CD should also be available in the shops so if you can't get down to South Street you can still get a copy of the CD. We'll give you more information on all of this as we get it.

Brixton. Sunday. Don't miss it!

Back to London!

posted by Mike on 27th January 2004

The mighty SU are back in London! We're playing at the excellent Brixton Telegraph on February 8th. More details in the gigs section as always. There is a flyer for you to print off there as well. Hope to see all those of you London fans we haven't seen for ages.

Studio Sneak Preview

posted by Rob on 24th January 2004

You may have heard that we've been recording this week. Well, here's a little sneak preview song for you to download! This is the first rough mix of our mental instrumental - Mystic 4 The other songs we're recording are Zombie Wedding, Hundred Years and the new version of Painless. All these songs will be available on CD eventually.

Happy New Year everyone!

posted by Mike on 9th January 2004

Sonic Undermind are going to be back with a bang in 2004, we're back at Bar Oz for Luisa (Unsigned Showcase promoter)'s Birthday on Thursday 15th. 3 to get in and drinks are 1.50. Also playing Aden Pearce, Sullivan and Eventide. We're on second last but get there early and take advantage of the cheap beer!

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