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Chimpcopter EP cover concept

First they created a monster, now they've created an entire parallel universe.
The Chimpcopter EP - Landing May 2004
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The end of the world is nigh!

posted by Mike on 23rd April 2004

"A rampant rhinoceros gave a group of visitors a glimpse of nature in the raw at a British safari park when he tried to have sex with their car." Click here for full story.

To those of you that laughed at us, HA! Who's laughing now! It's already started! As predicted by Sonic Undermind the future cybergenetic fusion of animal and machine has begun!

The recording's finished. If you need to learn more first public airing of the demo at the National Music Network Demo event at the BBBs on the 17th May or sign up on the website.

Back from the West Country, all pretty much intact

posted by Mike on 5th April 2004

Hello all the new people we met in Bristol. What a fantastic night! Special mention to The Get Outs who totally rocked. Next gig confirmed so far is at Newbury Fringe Festival but we have a few more we're working on. Also the recordings sounding great, you are in for a treat.

Gigs, riches, side projects, recordings and new songs

posted by Mike on 1st April 2004

Ok, first up and most importantly we have our first gig in Bristol on Friday, that's tomorrow. We're VERY excited. It's a Decode Magazine showcase with 3 other great bands. More in gigs as usual.

Rob's had some success with his Bagua side project, he's got a song on the soundtrack to Hollywood Flies, a new film featuring Vinnie Jones (amongst others). Good work Rob! In Sonic Undermind terms this probably means nicer cymbals for the drum kit. He is also Raw42's artist of the month for April.

Speaking of side projects, Pete and the Pirates, featuring Sonic Undermind's Pete are playing at the Fez Club in Reading on the 28th April. Should be a great gig. The line-up looks excellent.

Last but certainly not least we are playing at the Newbury Fringe Festival on Sunday 30th May, will, of course, let you know more on this when we have it.

We've also written a new song. Lamb Hungry Dog Child (Confessions of a Pig Boy) and we'll be playing it tomorrow. More on the message board. You can also find out who wrote the lyrics to all the Sonic Undermind songs in that thread. Lucky people.

That's it!

Yes, I know it's April Fool's day but none of this is a wind up.

Rob and Nikhil on the radio

posted by Mike on 17th March 2004

Rob and Nikhil will be appearing on Wolfy's local bands show on Blast 1386AM today between 4 and 6pm GMT. Listen online or if you live close enough to the station to pick it up you can tune your Radio to 1386AM. There might even be a prize giveaway for listeners!

Josaka birthday party/CD launch gig review

posted by Mike on 3rd March 2004

Firstly, thanks to everyone who came to the gig! The roar between songs was amazing. The venue was sold out and as people left they resold tickets! Which means about 230 people got their hands on a copy of the Who? CD.
Josaka has a review of the night which includes some pictures.

There is some other very exciting news in the pipeline so check back soon!

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